Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lamborghini, M10, Piranha and Gulf War

Italeri celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the dream car for any auto enthusiast: Lamborghini!
Scaled at 1/35 this Special Edition release features a solid black Lamborghini with all the bells and whistles.

Named the Countach, this glorious and luxurious automobile for the rich and famous features numerous improvements that effectively changed 3,000 of the auto's 8,000 parts.

Made of carbon fiber the Countach was the first to made so.

Air box and air intakes are enlarged and mounted on miniskirts, the suspension modified for greater maneuverability, stability and speed allowing the car to top out at 300 km / h.  Designed in 1986 the Countach ceased production in 1990 having been replaced by the Diablo.

The model captures the aerodynamic look of the car to perfection.  Every component and part (interior and exterior) are perfectly to scale, feature little or no flashing and detach easily from part trees.  Rubber tires, chrome wheels and trim, clear panels for windshield and windows make this a model a perfect miniature match for its namesake.

Follow the comprehensive instructions and in no time at all you'll have your Countach assembled, painted and decaled and ready to display.

The Gulf War 25th Anniversay Battle Set includes M1A1 Abrams and T-62 Tanks and AH-1W SuperCobra and Mi-25 Hind D Helicopters.

At 1/72 Scale all four vehicles recreate the war machines that took part in the Gulf War in 1990. 
Both tanks feature heavy armor, impressive firepower, authentic details and shielded treads that move.  If properly assembled turrets rotate, weapons tilt and shift and hatches open.

Both helicopters carry equally impressive weapons including rocket launchers and machine guns. 

The SuperCobra is more aerodynamic and slightly smaller but more maneuverable while the Hind D is massive with multiple propeller blades, heavier armor, more weapons and lands on tires as opposed to a sled.

Either choice the helicopters are deadly in air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.

All four vehicles are set up to be painted in air and ground camouflage, feature realistic decals and assemble with little muss and fuss if instructions are followed correctly.

Also from the Gulf War comes the LAV-25 Piranha Tank/Armored Vehicle scaled at 1/56.
Featuring eight wheels, a tilted underbelly, heavy suspension and armor, impressive weaponry and equipped for desert maneuvering and sandy terrain the LAV-25 is also amphibious, useful in reconnaissance and close combat and it carries a crew of three and can carry an additional four soldiers.

Once painted a sand tan, decaled and assembled the model looks as threatening as its large counterpart.

Over 50 years earlier a different war was being fought: WWII.

Although not as advanced as Desert Storm tanks the M10 Tank Destroyer lived up to auspicious reputation.

Its small crews were famous for their quick strike and retreat fights that confounded the Nazi war machine.

Small, fast and maneuverable the small tanks had respectable firepower and managed to keep the Axis forces on their toes.

Cramped but lethal the M10 boasted a large turret and cannon, turret mounted machine gun and smaller body as to increase its speed and maneuverability.

Painted a dull green the M-10 Tank Destroyer lived up to its reputation.  Part of Italeri's Warlord Games series it makes for the perfect model for the gamer and collector.