Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Star Trek Legacies Book 1

50 years!  Hard to believe but Star Trek premiered on TV 50 years ago.
I can remember watching the very first episode.  That's all it took to make me a die-hard Star Trek fan for the rest of my life.

In celebration of 50 years of broadcast and movie excellence Pocket Books and author Greg Cox present Star Trek Legacies Book 1 that brings together three crews of the starship Enterprise under Captain April, Captain Pike and the Enterprise's current captain: James T. Kirk.

When former First Officer of the Enterprise, under April and Pike,  Number One, makes an unexpected visit to the Enterprise, Kirk, Spock and the crew are delighted.

It's not often such a legendary Federation officer makes an appearance.

Once onboard the Enterprise niceties are and introductions are completed and Number One retires to her guest quarters.

Leaving her room she breaks into the Captain's quarters and removes a carefully hidden item and leaves the Enterprise.

Said object has been under the care of the past three Enterprise captains and is a closely guarded secret.

Once the object is detected as missing the Enterprise makes chase after Number One's shuttle only to discover that she is heading directly to the planet where the mysterious events surrounding the object began-a planet now deep in Klingon space.

So begins the epic adventure that is guaranteed to take readers on wild adventure as only Star Trek can deliver.