Friday, August 12, 2016

Star Trek The Official Guide To Our Universe

Star Trek The Original Series aired for three years on NBC TV from 1966 to 1969.

At the time of its broadcast it wasn't a particularly poplar show.  In fact it was almost canceled its second year if not for the outcry from the fans it did have.

It wasn't until a number of years later when Star Trek became a rerun sensation did the NBC network, and the world, realize just how popular and influential the series had become.

A whole generation of young people took inspiration from the show and grew up to become the scientists, mathematicians, technicians, etc. who were responsible for many of the technological advances we enjoy today.

Star Trek's exploration of space (in the original series and its four follow-up TV series, and soon to be a fifth, and its movies) opened up the possibility of life 'out there' and the phenomenon that the universe holds.

Author Andrew Fazekas, with a foreword by William Shatner, and National Geographic present 'Star Trek The Official Guide To Our Universe, The Science Behind The Starship Voyages' on this 50th Anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek.

In this 'fascinating' book readers discover the planets in our solar system, starting with the Moon. and expanding further and further out into the unknown regions of space traveling unimaginable distances.

Discover strange new worlds, travel to the stars, learn how to navigate using the heavens as a guide, witness the birth of stars and nebula, black holes and other strange and mysterious galactic phenomenon.

Hard facts meet fantasy as each section is complemented with photos from the various Star Trek TV series and movies sprinkle among charts, graphs, photos and episode listings.

Star Trek may be a space fantasy but it has successfully introduced the ever expanding and once hidden universe to our senses and minds. Fiction has transformed into fact.