Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Air Warriors, Young Architect, Shrinky Dinks, Lil Lockitz, Newton Microscope, Draw & Sketch and Painter’s Tool Box

Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt as if you’ve had been cheated out of something special?

That’s the way I feel right now after looking at all the cool toys and crafts from Alex Brands toys and its subsidiaries.

Why couldn't these cool toys and crafts been available when I was a kid?   Aargh!

Talk about fun!  And there’s so much to do!  Crafts, science, architecture, art and pretend guns!  It’s a regular cornucopia of fun!

When I was a young kid (believe it or not we had toy guns-not just rocks and spears!) my friends and I loved to play soldiers and cowboys and Indians.

We’d break out our trusty baseball bats, sticks or our plastic six-shooters and have at it.  There was no ammo of course, only our imaginations.

Buzz Bee Toys Air Warriors Ultra-Tex brings all the excitement of target practice and play combat to a whole new level with its cool assortment of dart blasters that include suction darts and ammo clips.

The Reaper is an eight shot, clip fed, dart blaster that can be held in one hand.

Simply load your darts into its clip, pull back the slid, load the clip, and push the slid forward and viola! you’ve got a ready to shoot, long distant suction dart shooter that is fast, easy to load and rugged enough to hold up to the roughest of play.

Like the other Ultra-Tex Air Warriors soft dart shooters it is made of high-impact plastic in bright, easy to spot colors and designed specifically for young children’s hands.

For some serious high-level, long distance darts and motorized revolving barrel fun check out the Cyclonic.

Load your darts, pop in the clip, pull the trigger and watch the motorized spinning barrel light up as it spins and shoots darts (single or in masse, depending how far you pull the trigger) and you’re ready for action!

Its long, 20 suction dart clip makes for long-lasting play battle and reloading is a snap!
Be sure to check out the 45 Suction Darts Refill Pack so you never run out of long distance darts.

Kids love to build-I know, I did. Give me some threads bobs, bottle caps and other assorted bric-a-brac and I’d have a futuristic city built in a flash. 

Alex Brands has something even better with its Scientific Explorer Young Architect City Planner Set that measures a whopping 18 inches by 24 inches for some spectacular 3D building fun!
Translucent blue building sections can be assembled and reassembled into hundreds of combinations on a make-believe city street board.

Chimneys, spires, steeples, domes, bridges and other assorted building parts for small or tall buildings are included.  Also included are decals, paper and color pencils for plans and traceable city guides. 

Everything you need is here for kids to construct their own city!  Map it out, build it up and get ready to marvel as a miniature city comes alive!

Young Architect City Planner is a great way to inspire children to let their imaginations soar, develop math and engineering skills and have fun doing it.

Most young kids love dinosaurs.  There’s something about those large lizards that capture the imagination of children of all ages.

What better way to learn all about the dinosaurs than to make it fun?

That’s just what Shrinky Dinks Shrink-A-Saurus Play Set is all about.

Kids construct a colorful prehistoric play set that includes caves, a volcano, plants and terrain.
Using the enclosed color pencils kids color the various land, air and aquatic dinosaurs.  After they are finished they bake them in an oven, they shrink and before you know it they have compact and ultra-colorful dinosaurs that they can attach to stands and populate their prehistoric world!

With 188 pieces the play set offers hours of entertainment and informative play for kids five years old and up.

For girls five years old and up the Shrinky Dinks Pop Art Charms includes all they need to make bright and colorful charms including beads, chains, cords and delightful charm pieces colored by their own hands.

Color them up, pop them in the stove and suddenly stunning charms are adorning their wrists and arms!

The Lil Lockitz Pet and Sweets Sets come with six lockets per box.  Fill up the lockets with pets or sweets, snap them in place and girls can wear them as a necklace, bracelet or key chain!

Each locket contains a story especially designed by children to reflex their interests, style and memories.  Seventy-five pieces are included in each Lil Locktz Set.

When I was ten years old my brother and his wife gave me a microscope for Christmas.  It was one of my most cherished possessions.  I had it for years until it literally wore out.  I’d spend hours peering into its lens scope, fascinated by the items I had placed on the slides.

Scientific Explorer’s Newton Microscope brings the same kind of excitement to any young burgeoning scientist!

Capable of magnifying 150X, 450X and 900X the 37-piece microscope set has everything a young scientist needs to succeed.

The microscope boasts an eyepiece, revolving turret, objective lens, stage pince, mirror, body tube, focusing knob, arm bras, slip, illuminator lamp and base with battery compartment.

A scalpel, spatula, stirring rod, tweezers, test tube, petri dish, pipette, 2 specimen vials, 3 prepared slides, 6 blank slides, 8 slide labels and covers, slide carrying case and instructions are also included.

Kids will marvel at the miniature worlds and creatures they discover.  Made to last and guaranteed to fascinate any child the Newton Microscope encourages aspiring scientists to discover unseen worlds.

I’m an artist. I’ve made my living drawing pictures, designing things and teaching art.

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved art, drawing, painting and designing.

For 25 years I worked as a graphic designer and then taught high school drawing and Commercial Art.  Art is in my blood.

As an adult I’m very picky about what art supplies I use.  Art supplies can get expensive, especially if you’re a young artist.

Alex brands understands and has provided a high quality and fun solution-its art kits.
Studio Expressions Draw & Sketch Case Set has everything a young artist wannabe needs.

Packaged in a heavy duty carrying case, with handle, the Draw & Sketch Case Set includes a full set of high-quality color pencils, different weight sketching pencils, charcoal pencils, blending stumps and tortillions, a sanding block, a drawing mannequin, a ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, sketch pad and drawing guide.  It’s the perfect way to introduce young artists to the world of drawing by providing all the supplies they need to get started.

For the young painter out there be sure to check out the Painter’s Tool Box with acrylic paint, watercolor paint, brushes, pencils, palettes, painting boards, water bucket, sharpener, erasers and painter’s box with a snap open secure lid and carrying handle.

It’s a great way to experience the art of fun!