Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Extra Cheesy Zits and Epic Big Nate

My wife and have raised two kids-who are both adults now.

During their early years my wife and I suffered the slings and arrows of parenthood and the excitement, glee and joy of watching them grow-up.

Along the way were a few bumps and rough spots but all of us managed to survive.

One thing is for sure-having kids changes your life.

Each stage of their lives has their moments.

The sheer precociousness and curiosity and innocence of a young child are a wonder to behold.

Author/cartoonist Lincoln Pierce understands this perfectly. 

His Big Nate comic strip has chronicled the joys and foibles of young childhood as experienced by Nate Wright and his family, friends and acquaintances.

Experience what life is like through the eyes of a child in this spectacular collection spanning 25 years called ‘Epic Big Nate’.

Pierce personally selected certain strips and highlights the collection by his personal recollections and observations.  Black and white and color daily and Sunday strips follow Nate through the years.

Beautifully designed and packaged the deluxe hardbound book comes in a special slipcase commemorating Big Nate.
Settle back, crack open its pages and relive the life of a child with Nate’s hilarious exploits.

When your children become teenagers, things change. Besides their voices changing, teenagers go through emotional, physical and social changes-all which drive you batty!

In ‘Extra Cheesy Zits’ author/cartoonist team Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman present the teenage years as experienced by Jeremy Duncan.

Follow along as Jeremy baffles, befuddles and bewilders his parents, friends and teachers.

It’s teenage angst at its most hilarious as Jeremy experiences job-hunting, romance, laundry, college applications, tests, music, cars, girls and all of the other tried and true teenage experiences.

So lock your refrigerator, hide the car keys, cancel your cell phone, put a password on your computer and get ready for teenage trials and errors.  It’s ‘Extra Cheesy Zits’ from Andrews McMeel Publishing.