Monday, November 28, 2016

Modern Architecture

Buildings-they are everywhere.  We pass by them, admire, live in them, work in them and play in them-they are an integral part of our society.

From the simplest hut to the most majestic of temples, towering skyscrapers, sports arena, private homes and so forth, architecture touches everyone.

The time, talent, skill and pure tenacity to built some of these phenomenal structures is often over-looked.  Few people take the time to look past a building’s fa├žade to appreciate the understructure, design, planning and material it took to build them.

Carlton Books/Goodman Book and author Jonathan Glancey present the ultimate compilation of informative text and color photos of ‘The Structures That Shaped The Modern World’

From 1900 up until current times the book traces the most significant architectural structures ever created by man.  Full historical and technical background facts are given accompanied by color photographs of each building.

Every architectural style and period that occurred within that time frame is examined in detail along with biographical information about their designers and builders.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in pursuing an architectural career, be it in design or construction.