Monday, December 12, 2016

Bizarre & Outlandish Gadgets & Doohickeys

You see them almost everyday on TV.  Every kind of conceivable gadget and household, yard, outside and automotive doohickeys that are designed to do almost everything-including walking your dog
Nowadays it seems there is a gadget for everything-some needed and some created for things you didn’t even know you needed.

With the advent of miniature, computerized, programmed, mechanized and customized items there seems to be a gadget for every whim and perceived use.

They just keep proliferating with no end in sight.  But, did you know that gadgets and doohickeys have been around from decades, starting approximately the same time as the Industrial Revolution in the mid-19th Century?

Schiffer Books and author Maurice Collins present Bizarre & Outlandish Gadgets & Doohickeys’.

Starting with 1851 and ending in 1951, the book examines each and every type of unusual and somewhat bizarre contraption for the auto, home maintenance, men, women, children, the kitchen, transportation and on and on. 

A clock that makes tea to the Jubilee Souvenir Plate the book features full-color, photos, with informative text, about some the most bizarre gadgets and doohickey ever created by man.