Tuesday, December 20, 2016

DC Comics Secret Hero Society Fort Solitude

Join Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince and all the future members of The Justice League when they were kids in a brand new Secret Hero Society adventure: ‘Fort Solitude’.

Scholastic, along with writer Derek Fridolfs and artist Dustin Nguyen, bring readers their latest adventure as the future heroes reunite at a local Summer Camp: Evergreen Adventure Camp, and find themselves in a brand new adventure and mystery.

When kids start disappearing around campus only Bruce Wayne thinks something serious is going on.  Eventually, after several disappearances, the rest of the young heroes suspect something strange and dangerous is at play.

Only after several of the missing children turn up as robots do things go into full swing.

See what DC Comics stalwart heroes were like when they were kids as they take part in a new mystery and endure the trials and tribulations of Summer Camp.

Along the way readers learn about the outdoors, get a sneak peek in some the kids private journals, scrapbooks and even take part in a talent show!
It’s DC Comics superhero fun like you’ve never seen it before!