Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Good Day In The Neighborhood

Try to imagine the amount of toys, comic books and model kits that I accumulated after 25 years of writing reviews.  

After clogging up and filling my garage with 'stuff' I decided to have a yard sale to sell off at least a part of it-a small part. 

A lot of  'stuff' I have safely packed away in the garage not counting the 'stuff' in my Man Cave.

Originally I had decided to have a yard sale on Friday and Saturday but had to limit it to Saturday since Friday turned out to be too cold.  I posted the yard sale on Craigslist, along with some photos.

Friday evening I set up my garage with a boatload of toys, diecast, model kits and comic books. 

At 7:30 Saturday morning I opened up the garage and prepared to set out the 20 long boxes of comic books on the driveway.

I needn't have bother.  Waiting outside my door were two individuals.  Within 15 minutes one of them bought all the comic books at a great price (for both him and me) and the other gentleman bought a bunch of toys.

Within 3 hours I had sold a large percentage of my toys, most of the model kits, a smattering of diecast and all of the comic books.

 After 11:30 people stopped showing up so I closed up shop, thrilled at the money I had made.

Both the people who bought the 'stuff' and I were satisfied with the transactions.  What made it even better was that the people who bought the 'stuff' were collectors and were excited about what they had bought.

I made a lot of new friends, acquired future contacts and had a great time and of course my wife was pleased that I had finally cleaned out a lot of my 'stuff'.

It was a great day and I have God to thank.  He has been so good to my family.  I don't deserve all the blessings, but I sure am glad he is providing them.