Thursday, March 23, 2017

Cop Shows, Booking Hawaii Five-O and Quinn Martin, Producer

Ever since the dawn of TV Cop Shows have been around.  Dragnet, The Naked City, The Untouchables, Hawaii Five-O and literally dozens, if not hundreds, of Cop Shows have filled the airways for decades.

What is it about Cop Shows that so captivate audiences?

Surely it’s not escapism as most Cop Shows revel in tracking down killers, rapists, kidnappers and other such dastardly bad guys.

In ‘Cop Shows: A Critical History Of Police Dramas On Television’ authors Sabin, Wilson, Speidel, Faucette and Bethell, along with publisher, McFarland & Company, Inc. present an in-depth analysis of what makes Cop Shows tick and why they are so popular.

Reflections of their times, COP Shows, examine and portray societal changes, struggles and crime.  The shows tend to examine the cops themselves from the fiercely independent loner to the troubled, walk the line between justice and revenge individuals to the strong group dynamic of a particular police force.

Whatever the reasons the book provides a thorough look at the phenomenon of the Cop Show and its many manifestations.

One of my all-time favorite classic Cop Shows is Hawaii Five-O.  Introduced to TV viewers in 1968 the show lasted 12 years making it one of the longest running Cop Shows on TV.

Hawaii Five-O centered on the police exploits of the Hawaii Five-O police task force headed up by ex-naval officer Steve McGarrett, as played by Jack Lord and his assistant Dan (Danno) Williams, portrayed by actor James MacArthur.

What made the show so unique is that it was filmed entirely in the Hawaiian Islands.

At that time Hawaii had no film studios so Hawaii Five-O, created by Leonard Freeman, had to start from scratch including securing a studio, hiring non-actor locals and persuading Hollywood’s talent to travel to Hawaii to guest star on the show.  Needless to say, a free trip to Hawaii was a great incentive.

Karen Rhodes’ ‘Booking Hawaii Five-O’ provides a critical episode guide and history of the popular Cop Show including photos, behind-the-scenes secrets, cast and crew interviews and much more.

‘Book ‘em Danno!”
One of the greatest (if not the greatest) TV producers of Cop Shows was Quinn Martin.  

Although he was also known for a plethora of other genre series.

In ‘Quinn Martin, Producer’ author Jonathan Etter, delves into the long and illustrious career of Martin and the many shows he produced.

Readers will learn all about his battles with the networks, hiring and firing practices, his guidelines for writing and directing his shows and most importantly learn about the man himself.

Each show he produced is examined in detail from its conception to it cancellation.

 If you love classic Prime Time TV shows as produced by one of the giants of the industry then this book is like a hearty meal to a starving man:  it’s filling, full of meat and satisfying.