Friday, April 14, 2017

American Comics, Daniel Craig, Bee Gees and Led Zeppelin

When it comes to comic books different collectors consider certain eras more important than others.  I, for one, like the Silver Age, primarily because I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s.  Others prefer the Bronze Age, Copper Age and so forth.

But, none of the aforementioned ages would have existed unless there had been a Golden Age.

Most comic book historians agree that the Golden Age started with Action Comics #1 with the introduction of Superman.

Granted, comic books got their start a few years before Action Comics #1, but mainly as reprints of Sunday newspaper comic strips and some other rather non-descript and minor stories.

In ‘The Classic Era OF American Comics’ writer Nicky Wright and publisher Carlton Books examine the Golden Age of comics beginning in the late 1930s to its end in the mid-1950s.
During that time period a great deal occurred.  Superhero comics hit it big, especially during the war years.

After WWII comic books began to branch out to humor, detective, sci-fi, horror, funny animal and other genre.
Horror comics become so prolific that the general public took notice and almost destroyed the comic book industry until a self-censorship board was established.

Superheroes waned, sales started to falter and it wasn’t until superheroes were reintroduced that sales picked up.

For a thorough examination and explanation as to the importance of the Golden Age be sure to pick up a copy of this fascinating and enjoyable book packed with full color art.

‘Bond, James Bond.’  To most modern movie audiences that is the phrase and character actor Daniel Craig is most associated with.

Granted Craig is an excellent James Bond.  His portrayal of the famous spy has rejuvenated the franchise and brought in a legion of new fans.

But, Craig already had a successful acting career long before the James Bond films established him as a mega-star.

Born and raised in North England, Daniel was bitten by the acting bug at a young age.
He started his career in the theater, moved onto TV and film and has been on the ‘A’ list of actors for the past decade or so.

In ‘Daniel Craig The Illustrated Biography’ written by Tina Ogle, fans of the handsome Brit will learn all about his early life, family, acting chops and his eventual rise to superstar.

Packed with photographs, the book makes for an engrossing examination of the newest James Bond and his long and impressive acting career.

Yes, I admit it.  I lived through the Disco Music years.  I was attending The University of Miami at the time at the height of the Disco Craze. 

Miami was the epicenter of the music, fashion and culture of the Disco Mania years and I was a part of it.

I may even have my old platform shoes and sharkskin shirt around here somewhere.
The Brothers Gibb, or as they are affectionately known as: The Bee Gees, were the main architects of the Disco Craze.

Their hard-hitting and catchy tunes tuned in a whole generation to the beat of Disco.
However, did you know that they actually got their start as young boys performing in Australia, evolved to a somewhat comber ‘message; Rock and Roll band and eventually hit it big with Disco?

Sadly only one Bee Gee survives but the group’s music is still popular to this day and with their talent of changing with the times the Bee Gees successfully survived the Disco Era and carved out a career for themselves in popular music.

‘Treasures Of The Bee Gees’ written by Brian Southall is a heartfelt Memory Lane trip from their beginnings to their eventual disbandment.

The slipcover hardbound book is chockfull of photos, recreated memorabilia and detailed historical text chronicling their long and illustrious careers.

Now where is a good Disco Night Club when you need one?  “You should be dancing!”
When I was in high school I worked evenings at a local store.  Part of my job was to order and restock the record section.

One day while looking through the record order catalog I spotted a rather odd looking album featuring a stark black and white photo of the Hindenberg Zeppelin in flames.

The album was by a group called Led Zeppelin.  When the album came in I bought a copy, mostly out of curiosity.

I took it home, played it on my stereo and was immediately hooked.

Their music was like anything I had ever heard before.   Before long Led Zeppelin caught on with other teenagers and their songs were playing on all the local radio stations.

Their music was dubbed ‘Heavy Metal’ and it influenced a whole generation of bands.

Author Chris Welch has assembled a cornucopia of photos, memorabilia facsimiles and in-depth text that follows the group through its origin, spotlights its members and goes in to great detail as to why Led Zeppelin is considered the ‘Biggest Band Of The 1970s.’

The hardbound, slipcase book is a treasure trove of Zeppelin memorabilia including a coloring book!

For all you Led Heads out there, this is the book you gotta have!  Why it’s almost like taking ‘A Stairway To Heaven.’