Tuesday, April 18, 2017

C-3PO 3D Deco Light

Everyone’s favorite, prime and proper; Protocol Droid from the Star Wars Saga is now a 3D Deco Light courtesy of 3DLIGHT FX.

That’s right! The to-scale C-3PO head, in all its glorious golden sheen, is perfectly duplicated as 3D Deco Light and it is awesome!

Simply stick the cracked wall (or surface) decal on a flat surface, attach the C-3PO head to the wall with a couple of screws, put batteries (not included) in the head, flip the switch and C-3PO’s eyes light up, just like in the Star Wars movies!

Wow!  Is that cool or what?

3Dlight FX has done an excellent job of translating the golden Droid to perfect 3D, right down to his slit mouth, two, round, eye ports with vertical slats, two-piece Droid head, neck swivel and more.

With its LED lights the head never gets hot, is child safe and makes a perfect night light or nifty room decoration and a killer addition to any Star Wars collection.

Displayed in a clear-front box, with color photos on the back and a list of features, along with photos of other Star Wars 3D Deco Lights, it makes for an eye-catching combo that jumps out from store shelves.