Sunday, April 2, 2017

Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack and Shrinky Dinks Mini Artist

What young girl doesn’t love making her own bracelets, lockets and trinkets?  Let’s be honest, it can be a lot of fun for boys too!

With Alex Brands’ Lil Lockitz Best Friend Party Pack there’s ‘A Story In Every Locket!”
You’ve seen jewelry boxes adults use to keep their rings and things.  Those jewelry boxes have nothing on the jewelry/trinket box that comes with this massive set!

Girls can store enough bling and zing to make up 18 Lockets. Glitter, Backgrounds, Stickers-you name it, it’s got it!

Here’s exactly what you get: 18 Locket Tops, 18 Locket Backs, 6 Necklaces, 6 Bracelets, 6 Keychain Clasps, 72 Charms, 54 gems, 32 Backgrounds, 1 Pack of Sequins, Tweezers, A Photo Stencil (You heard right, you can include your own photos!), Locket Crimper, Photo Puncher, A Huge Storage Tray and Easy-to-Follow Instructions!

What a great way to spend hours making your own jewelry, having your friends over and blinging out!  You make it, you wear it!

It’s a wonderful way to introduce young girls (and boys) to crafts and creativity.  It promotes patience, practice and dexterity. 

As a former art teacher I recommend to parents to encourage their children to make things.  It develops their confidence, cognitive skills and dexterity.

Art-it makes the world go round!  Everyone has the talent for art.  Most just don’t know it.
Everywhere you look there is art: painting, drawings, posters, store front displays, billboards, advertising, TV commercials-the list is endless.

What better way to spark a child’s imagine and drawing skills than to provide them with the tools they need?

Gone are the days when you stick a piece of paper and pencil in front of a child and instruct them to,  “Draw!”

With Shrinky Dinks’ Mini Artist Set kids not only get to draw, color and create, they also get to frame their own work!  How cool is that!?

It’s so easy!

Simply use the 6 Colored Pencils, color the 3 Precut Shrinky Dinks Plastic Artwork Sheets, bake the art in the over, put backing on the art with Glue Dots, and Frame them!

Hang your creations on the wall or stand them up on a table or dresser.

After kids are down with the three drawings they still have the six colored pencils left to use on other products. It’s easy using the instructions or watching the online tutorials.

What a great way to entourage kids to create works of art using the contained illustrations or to create art on their own!