Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Television Westerns

For six decades Television Westerns have been broadcast over the airwaves.
Network TV or Cable TV, it makes little difference-Western fans can’t seem to get enough.

Since they were first introduced on TV Westerns have drawn in audiences-albeit Westerns viewership has dwindled over the decades. 

Still, they are still produced and there is an audience or they would have simply disappeared.

When they first aired they were little more than kid fare with simple plots, wooden acting and historically inaccurate costumes and settings.

As they grew in popularity, authenticity and more mature storylines began to manifest and before long the ‘entire’ family could watch them.

In ‘Television Westerns’ written by Alvin H. Merrill and published by Rowman & Littlefield, readers are provided a thoroughly researched and comprehensive analysis and historical accurate account of the TV Western.

Experience six decades of sagebrush, sheriffs, scalawags and sidewinders that recalls not only Western TV series but specials, documentaries and much more.

If it has anything to do with TV Westerns you’re sure to find it in ‘Television Westerns’.