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Monday, June 26, 2017

For The First Time On Television

I am of the generation that first saw the advent of TV.  I was born in 1953 and at that time TV was in its infancy.
TV, especially American TV, was just beginning to show its full potential.

The movie studios and other popular culture phenomena that had previously enthralled society were feeling the crunch of dwindling audiences that had shifted its attention (and money) to TV.

I was there when many of the ‘firsts’ of TV occurred from the first international broadcast, the first TV Western, Sci-fi, Drama and Comedy TV shows to the first broadcast from outer space.

TV has seen and taken part in hundreds of ‘firsts’ and they are all listed in ‘For The First Time On Television’ by author Garry Berman and published by BearManor Media.

From the first news broadcast, the first cartoon show and so much more the book examines not just what was broadcast on TV but the many firsts TV and broadcasting obtained.

Filled with interesting historical text and spotlighted with black and white photos the book is a fascinating examination of the technology, individuals and shows that changed the face of mass media across the globe.