Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Mickey Mouse, Snow White, Pinocchio and Inventor’s

It all started with a mouse.  In 1928 a small mouse inspired Walt Disney to create what is now considered one of the greatest representations of the American spirit and symbol of perseverance.

When Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse he had no inkling that a small animated rodent would lead to the creation of one of the world’s most influential, prosperous and innovative animation, TV, movie, theme park and entertainment companies in the world.

‘Mickey Mouse Emblem Of The American Spirit’ written and researched by Garry Apgar and published by Weldon Owen/The Walt Disney Family Foundation Press, LLC, is the first book that offers a biography of the famous mouse.

Mickey's and Walt’s lives are so intertwined that to read about one is to read about the other.

Without the success of Mickey, Walt Disney would have probably not have achieved the worldwide recognition both he and his company now garner.

Through a careful examination of the famous mouse through the decades the book painstakingly chronicles the rise to American icon status Mickey Mouse holds.

Sketches, drawings, animation cells, photos and other documents and images complement the intriguing and interesting text about the world’s most famous mouse in this wonderful hardbound book.

The success of Mickey Mouse and other early Walt Disney animated shorts prompted Walt to take a huge risk and produce and animate the world’s first full-length animated feature: Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

A new book, by the same name, written by J. B. Kaufman explores the art and creation of Walt Disney’s classic animated film.

Filled with rare and seldom seen production sketches, character designs, set designs, animation cell reproductions and copious notes and text about the production of the film make this book a fascinating journey into the imagination.

Artists and designers of all ages will appreciate the massive amount of work and planning that went into the making of this ground-breaking film.

When you consider that everything in the film was hand drawn or painted and painstakingly assembled in a project the likes that have never been attempted before you can appreciate the sheer genius that went into making the film loved by millions worldwide.

J.B. Kaufman explores and examines what is considered the greatest animated film of all time: Pinocchio.

‘Pinocchio The Making Of the Disney Epic’ examines how Disney artists and designers took a much-loved children’s classic and translated to the big screen.

Filled to the brim with production art, character designs, set concepts, scene sequences and much more the book lovingly pays tribute to the high concept film.

Beautiful art plates, spot illustrations, pencil sketches, color tests, behind-the-scenes photos and even Pinocchio merchandise are all spotlighted, accompanied by informative text, creative staff quotes and memories and so much more.

It’s a beautiful tribute to the animators, artists and creative people behind this legend of a film.
It’s without a doubt that Walt Disney and his staff of creative employees are considered the modern day inventor’s of the animated film.

‘Popular Science The Total Inventor’s Manual’ by Sean Michael Ragan, will inspire would-be inventors to ‘transform your idea into a top-selling product’ from idea to prototyping to funding.

Using profiles of famous creators and clever and fun illustrations and examples, the book is sure to inspire and delight any would-be creator/inventor.

Inventors will learn how to refine their idea, create a prototype, secure funding, copy write their invention and achieve success in this clever and  easy-to-understand softbound book that encourages inventors to pursue their dreams.