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Monday, July 3, 2017

Justice League, Batman, Superman and Coloring

If you’re as big a fan of DC Comics as I am then you’re going to love this cool selection of fun books from Parragon Books Ltd.
As a kid my favorite DC Comics title was The Justice League of America.

The reason being that I got more bang for my buck.  I mean where else could you get ALL of DC Comics’ top superheroes in one place?  Such a deal!

Paragon’s ‘Justice League’ small hardbound book packs a lot of punch for its size.

First off is its special metal, full color insert of some of the members of the Justice League that decorates the inset cover.

Inside is a thrilling tale of the Justice League taking on one of its oldest bad guys: Starro!
Great art, great story and a pretty cool package!

‘Superman The Man OF Steel’ is more than just muscle.  He’s super intelligent and can solve the most difficult of puzzles. 

Superman challenges readers to solve 40 activities/puzzles and even provides two spinning pencil toppers for inspiration.

Solve problems, draw and more with this ‘super’ book.

Batman is by far my favorite DC Comics superhero.  The Caped Crusader manages to solve whatever problem he faces and takes on bad guys of all types and always comes out on top.

In the ‘Batman Activity Book And 2-In-1 Jigsaw Puzzle’ you get to help The Dark Knight solve puzzles, put together a jigsaw puzzle, draw and color.

It’s a nifty square bound, Velcro flap, cavalcade of fun filled with awesome Batman art and all in full color.

For even more Batman challenges be sure to check out the special ‘Batman Tin’ that contains an adventure book, stickers, a cool poster, markers and three books. 

The tin features a metal embossed Batman figure on its front with Bat Signals decorating each side. 

Take it back to your Batcave and get ready for challenges, activities and just pure fun!
‘Batman Justice In Gotham City’ contains over 40 fun activities in black and white and in full color. 

Join Batman, Robin, The Justice League and Batman’s Gallery of Villains in a softbound book that is sure to challenge your detective, artistic and activity skills.

There’s even a cool Batman Magnet included!

If you’re a big kid like me then both the ‘Comic Art Coloring’ and ‘Super Hero Coloring’ books are sure to get your comic book blood stirring.

Each book features actually DC Comics comic book art reproduced in black and white.  Practically ever hero and villain in the DC Universe are featured and they are all yours to color and enjoy.

What I love most about the books is that they feature reproductions of classic and current DC Comics covers, animation art and more!  What’s not to love?  

Each book boasts 120 pages for ‘big kids only’.