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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Someone Loves You

I want to tell you a true story. 

Back in the year 1977, after graduating from the University of Miami, I had returned home to my small town and taken a temporary job as a stock boy at a grocery.

While I was working I was looking for a more suitable job in my chosen field of Graphic Design.
I was miserable, lonely and living under a heavy burden of guilt.

While I was attending college I hang around with some people I shouldn’t have and did some things I am not proud of.  Nothing criminal-just wrong.

I went to church more as an obligation, not because I wanted to worship God-more to hang out with my friends and meet girls.

One evening after work I was in an especially forlorn mood.  I was lonely and uncharacteristically I got down on my knees and asked God to send me someone I could love.

There and then I promised him to treat her with respect and abstain from sin.

Miraculously the next day my friend Benny called me and asked me if I would like to go to his friend’s birthday party.

I agreed and when I got there I spotted the most beautiful girl I had even seen in my life.

There was something different about her.  She was more than physically beautiful.  The way she conducted herself: her manner and personality drew me to her.

To my surprise I started to talk to her and asked her for a date.

She agreed and two weeks later we went out to a restaurant and then a movie.

The following weeks and months we continued to date.

But, something was wrong.  Without going into particulars I wasn’t treating her like I should have and I was jealous. I knew I need to change but I didn’t know how.

One weekend she asked me to her church and for the first time I heard in a clear and simple message that God loved me.

The assistant pastor explained to me that no matter how good I was, how much I went to church or how many good deeds I did they would not get me to Heaven.  I couldn’t work my wait to salvation nd forgiveness.

There was only one way and that way was through Jesus Christ.  One road-one way.

Pointing to the scriptures in the Bible he showed me that God loved mankind so much that he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross taking the sins of the world on his shoulders.  

 He conquered Hell and death, rose from the dead and though his shed blood mankind could be saved.

All I had to do is believe him, ask him to forgive my sins and he would save me.

I did and my life has never been the same since.  It’s not always been easy and my old flesh likes to throw a curve at me once n a while.

That girl is now my wife and we’ve been married going on 39 years.

I thank God, my works have nothing to do with my salvation.  It’s was so simple.

If you’ve never accepted Christ as your savior I beg you to do so.

I’ve included a link (http://www.bamcc.net/The%20Road%20To%20Salvation.htm) that will explain in clear and simple terms how to get saved.  

It is my sincere wish that you get saved.  God loves you and wants you to spend eternity with him in Heaven.