Saturday, September 16, 2017

Encyclopedia Of Weird War Stories

What is it about weird happenings, objects, people, stories and the like that fascinate us?

Weird stuff about wars or any unusual military phenomenon is especially appealing to our imaginations, ponderings and analysis.

Author Paul Green’s new book, from McFarland & Company Inc., Publishers:  ‘Encyclopedia Of Weird War Stories’ offers readers of the macabre, horror, science fiction and fantasy a plethora of weirdness to satisfy the most intuitive of minds.

Whether it’s supernatural, unexplained, myth, legend or just plain made up, the stories and tales contained in this book cover every sort of mass media genre imaginable.

Books, comic books, pulp magazines, film, TV, games and much more are covered in exhaustive detail complete with a smattering of art and photos.

If it’s weird, if it’s war and if they somehow intermingle then you’ve come to the right place.  It’s so weird—it’s wonderful!

As a comic book collector I especially found that particular reference fascinating, especially since there was at one point a comic book called: ‘Weird War Tales”.