Thursday, March 15, 2018

Farm Animals and Burger + Chips

With so many toys being made from plastics, woods and metals parents need to be especially careful that no toxic or harmful chemicals, paints or dyes are present to harm their kids.

While U.S. manufacturing prohibits the use of harmful components and carefully monitors such items used in U.S. manufactured toys, such safeguards are not always present in some imported toys.

Papoose Toys, from Nepal, are made with natural fibers and dyes, making them safe for children.  There are small items so the toys are best for children over the age of three.  Parents need not worry about harmful chemicals or materials.

Magicforest is the importer of Papoose Toys to the United States. You can purchase Papoose Toys through the online retail site of Rose & Rex.

Papoose Toys offers a wide range of adorable hand-stitched and assembled toys made from soft fabrics colored with natural dyes.

The Burger + Chips (French Fries) are life-size duplicates of everyone’s favorite American food. 

The Burger features a sesame seed bun, a slice of cheese, lettuce, a burger, onions, pickles, ketchup, an egg and tomatoes. 

Six removable golden brown Chips come in a red container.  The Burger + Chips look almost real enough to eat.

The Farm Animals fabric pouch contains a cow, a spotted goat, a brown with black spots dog, a brown cat, a rooster, chicken and chick, a fuzzy sheep and donkey.

Each one is an adorable soft cloth replica of its namesake.  They’re fun to hold, cuddle and make believe they are on a farm.

They’re perfectly kid-size, soft and rugged enough so they last.