Tuesday, March 12, 2019

From An Idea To Disney

It might be hard to believe that the Walt Disney Company started from a very humble beginning.

When brothers Walt and Roy Disney started their fledgling animation studio they were often met with failure.

Never ones to give up, Walt and Roy took bold steps and instead of abandoning their animation ambition they persevered and succeeded beyond even their wildest dreams.

Having conquered animation the brothers created the first family-friendly amusement park: Disneyland.

They also entered the live action movie and TV fields, vacation cruises, resorts, the acquisition of several top of the field studios and much, much more.

The Walt Disney Company is now the largest entertainment mega-giant in the world.  Many have tried to imitate it.  None have succeeded.

The company’s influence in the business and political arenas continues to grow as does its acquisitions and innovation entertainment avenues.

Just how did this all come about?

In Lowey Bundy Sichols’ and C.S. Jennings’ From An Idea To Disney, published by HMHKids, readers are treated to a written and illustrated tour of the history of Disney’s stellar rise to worldwide fame and fortune.

Get ready for a whirlwind tour presented in easy to understand text and pictures that trace the history of Walt Disney Productions from animation to TV, movies and beyond!

It’s a great way to learn how imagination built a world of magic!

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