Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fangoria #295, July

Are you ready for Slaughterhouse?  Get ready to serve up some choice cuts of meat.  Fangoria previews some new blood and guts movies such as The Dead Matter, Chain Letter, The Outback, Road Kill and other horrific goodies both on the screen and on DVD.
Take one crazy road trip with 2001 Maniacs, Spanish filmmaker Jaume Balaguero serves up a double dose of terror, Predators hunt again-this time on their own planet, take part in a Deadly Salvage Operation and True Blood bites deeper.
Parasomnia lets you sleep on it, Sushi Typhoon is a perfect storm of gore, Death Kappa has plenty of Alpha Monsters, explore The Depths Of The American Grindhouse and Crazies is still crazy after all these years.

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