Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lost Seasons 1 Thru 5

For five season Lost thrilled, chilled, enthralled, puzzled, perplexed and captivated viewers with its mix of fantasy, science fiction, drama and action.  Each week viewers never knew what to expect.
What you can expect from Rittenhouse Archives is a beautiful set of Trading Cards, printed on heavy stock, of photos taken from each episode along with some interesting facts about the show on the back of each Card. Five Cards come per Foil Pack with 24 Pack per Box.  One hundred and eight cards make up the Base Set (I got a full Set) and three Autograph Cards are guaranteed per Box (I received Alice Evans, Henry Ian Cusick and Terry O'Quinn).
Randomly inserted Bonus Cards include:
  • 25 Lost Stars Artifex Cards (4 for me)
  • 6 The Oceanic Six Cards (1)
  • 9 Lost in Motion Lenticular Cards (2)
  • Flash Forward Card (4)
Special cards are also available for Case purchases.  See Rittenhouse's website for details.

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