Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stargate SG-U Universe 1.0

I’m a big Stargate fan. I enjoyed the movie, loved Stargate SG-1, liked Stargate Atlantis and I’m intrigued by Stargate SG-U.

Although the Stargate is present in Stargate SG-U it’s the situation the people in the series finds themselves in that really draws viewers in.

After over a decade Stargate Command has discovered that by dialing an eight symbol on the Stargate that other galaxies can be visited. When a mysterious ninth symbol is discovered in some Ancient’s writings a special investigative and exploratory team is sent to an alien outpost in order to test a Stargate that taps into the planet’s inner core.

As the experiment starts to take place the base is attacked and the military personnel along with scientists and civilians, including a senator and his daughter and a young computer/math geek, are forced to exit the newly activate ninth symbol gate.

Where they wind up is on an Ancient spaceship over a billion light years from Earth. Completely unmanned, the spaceship is in need of repair and restocking of its supplies. Their arrival on the ship was sudden and violent so many of the new passengers are hurt and need medical attention.

Couple that with the fact that water and food are in scarce supply, the ship’s air scrubbers are malfunctioning and the ship’s power supply is dangerously low it also appears that the gate they arrived on may not be able to get anyone back home.

Stargate SG-U is unique in the Stargate series in that its personnel are not all experts and a high level of tension runs through the group.

Thankfully whenever the ship comes close to a planet with a Stargate it slows down and allows the crew and passengers to explore the new world for a maximum of 12 hours.

I find the series fascinating in that I never know what to expect either from the various situations or the passengers. There’s plenty of interpersonal tension, hidden agendas and human conflict. Stargate SG-U looks to be a great addition to MGM’s Stargate franchise. The first half of the first season can be purchased on DVD in a 3-disc set that includes 10 episodes along with lots of cool extras.

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