Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Our society has become a producer of things. No matter the craft, hobby, interest or necessity, there is an overabundance of items to choose from. Want a pair of shoes? There are thousands to choose from. Want to start a scrapbook? There are stores dedicated to the hobby with literally thousands upon thousands of items made specifically for it.

Whatever happened to human ingenuity and creativity? When did we become a society that has to have an item for every contingency or variation of everything? The internet and television have helped to propagate instant gratification with a multiplicity of resources at our fingertips. Such a cornucopia of information has leaked over to what we buy or collect. There is simply too much stuff!

In David Icanberry’s new book: LooLeDo – Extraordinary Projects From Ordinary Objects he demonstrates, with help from Mark Icanberry, how simple everyday objects can be modified and reshaped into clever toys and projects.

Full color photos spread out over two page sections guide the readers step-by-step though some clever projects. Learn how to make animals, vehicles, ornaments, decorations and much more in this fun-filled exploration of creativity given free reign. It’s pure fun for the home and classroom in this Jumbo Book #1 of building your own projects.

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