Thursday, September 8, 2011

X-Men First Class

I'll be the first to admit when X-Men First Class was first announced as the next X-Men movie from 20th Century Fox I was a bit skeptical. Still I was curious, so one afternoon I went and watched the movie. I really enjoyed it. Oh sure, some of the original X-Men continuity was tinkered with as was the timeline but overall the movie was extremely well done. In fact, between Marvel's Captain America and X-Men First Class, both were the best movies of the summer.

X-Men First Class looks back at the early friendship between Professor X and Magneto before they took on their superhero/supervillain personas. The movie introduces the Hellfire Club, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Beast, Cyclops, Mystique and other X-Men and mutants, including a character who may be Nightcrawler's father.

Eventually the mutants split up, some following Professor X and others Magneto. The movie contains non-stop action and yet manages to fully develop its characters. Visual effects, both computer generated and physical, are amazing, the vintage costumes look authentic and the storyline cleverly intermingles events that took place during the time it is placed in.

The Blu-Ray and Digital Copy combo includes lots of 'X-tras": featurettes, a documentary, deleted and extended scenes, other goodies and as a special added bonus: access to 10 X-Men digital comics. Are you "X-cited yet!"

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