Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Decade, Planet, War, RTT, Die And WWII

Mill Creek Entertainment proves once again why it is the leader in producing a wide variety of DVDs and Blu-rays covering all sorts of subjects.  Mill Creek's latest releases prove it.
World War II was over almost 70 years ago.  After the war the returning veterans wasted no time in adding to the population.  Their babies were known collectively as Baby Boomers.  The Boomers had babies and the Boomer's babies had babies.

Encompassing the expanse of the decades 1940s to the 1980s, Mill Creek Entertainment has released a new series of DVDs called collectively The Decade You Were Born.
Anyone born during those five decades are sure to get a kick out of the nostalgic trips down Memory Lane each provides.

Viewers can watch newsreels, movie trailers, TV episodes and full-length movies along with documentary timelines outlining each decade.  Pivotal points in history, important discoveries and events and much more lead you through each decade beginning with War And Invention to Growth And Consumption.

If you love nostalgia and miss the 'good old days' then you're sure to love this collection.
For those with a more serious view of history be sure to watch Mill Creeks' 7-part documentary on the Civil War called The Ultimate Civil War Series.  Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the War Between The States, the documentary provides exhaustive research about the most turbulent time in our history.

The 11 Documentary Collection of WWII: Waking The Sleeping Giant provides hours of historical vintage films chronicling America's entry into the war to the final days of D-Day and the bombing of Japan.

Interviews, eyewitness accounts, rare color footage and more bring the war years back to life. 
If you like to travel like I do, you probably do your homework about the places you wish to visit.  Beautiful Planet DVDs offer the best of what you can expect to see and experience whatever your destination may be.

Two new Blu-rays have just been released that explore Europe and the British Isles.
Germany and Austria are shown in high-definition that appear so clear and life-like you  almost feel as if you could walk into the picture.

England and The Low Countries are just as impressive with stunning photography, entertaining and enlightening commentaries and narration that make these guided tours a real treat to watch.

Learn about the people, places and things of all four destinations as you immerse yourself in their cultures and customs.

For some good old fashioned fun be sure to pick up the movie collections beginning with 8 classic canine cinema adventures called the Ultimate Rin-Tin-Tin Classic Movie Collection.

If Spaghetti Westerns are to you liking mosey on over and pick up a copy of Ten Thousand More Ways To Die a 12 film set of the best of Spaghetti Westerns providing over 18 hours of gun slinging greats.