Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wayne Of Gotham

Literally thousands of stories about Batman have been written since the introduction of the character.  Far fewer stories have been written about Batman's alter ego Bruce Wayne and even less about Wayne's parents.

In author Tracy Hickman's new book from !t Books: Wayne Of Gotham, the long-hidden secrets of Bruce Wayne's parents' pasts begins to come to light.

Bruce Wayne's story is a familiar and tragic one.  When he was a young boy his mother and father were gunned down before his eyes.  From that point on Bruce decided to dedicate himself to fight criminals.  

After years of mental and physical training Bruce was sitting in his drawing room at night when a bat, attracted by the light, smashed through the window and taking it as a sign Bruce took on the mantle of the Batman-a mysterious figure who fought crime on the streets, in alleys or wherever it raised its ugly head.  

Over the years equally colorful villains challenged Batman at every turn but somehow the Dark Knight managed to win and protect Gotham City once again.

While investigating a series high-ranking citizens who succumbed to mental manipulation Bruce receives an invitation hinting that whoever sent it knows of his secret identify as Batman.

Investigating further Batman slowly begins to unravel the secret of his parents' pasts and what he discover sheds a whole new light on their deaths and the incident that lead to him becoming Batman.

Bruce must now bear the burden of his parents' troubled pasts and the tainted legacy of the Wayne fortune.

Wayne Of Gotham dares to tell the story never heard before.  The book is filled with shocking revelations, unexpected turns of event and leaves readers with a whole new perspective on the life of the Dark Knight.