Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tad: The Lost Explorer

Move over Indiana Jones!  Make way Lara Croft!  There’s a new archeologist explorer in town and he’s---uh—he’s a construction worker.
OK, OK, I know it sounds a little lame but trust me Tad Stones is an explorer to be reckoned with.  He’s brave (sort of), resourceful (lucky is more like it), handsome (in an odd sort of way), a real ladies’ man (when he can manage to speak around one) and a great explorer (if you count digging up construction sites looking for old bottles).

So he’s not the perfect he-man explorer!? So what?  At least his heart is in the right place and in the end he proves himself to be a great explorer.  Isn’t that what counts?

In GAIAM/Vivendi’s new Blu-ray 3D/Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack Tad gets the chance he’s been waiting for.  When his professor/archeologist friend is ‘unable’ to fly to South America to join his colleague who has discovered the location of a lost city, Tad takes his place.

Once there he’s accosted by a steel claw bad man and his cohorts, bumps into the lost professor’s gorgeous daughter and her mute parrot, teams up with a local who has nothing but making a buck on his mind and sets out on an adventure that would make Indiana Jones green with envy.

Hold on to your fedora’s as Tad discovers a lost city, meets up with a living mummy and thwarts the bad guys as they seek to unlock the secrets of the Lost City of Paititi.

Featuring spectacular computer animation, incredible vistas and special effects the new Combo Pack packs a punch that family is sure to enjoy.