Monday, November 25, 2013

My Snowman And Me and The Magic Christmas Key

One of my fondest memories of when I was a child around Christmas time was when my mother would tell me Christmas stories:  Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer, Frosty The Snowman, the birth of Jesus and all the other stories associated with that time of year.  They were classics.
Christmas is fast approaching and my wish is that today’s children may have their own tales of Christmas that they will remember when they reach my age.  

Author Leann Smith and Pine Tree Publishing just might have the answer to that wish.
Leann has written two new tales of Christmas that are destined to become yuletide classics.  They are ‘My Snowman And Me’ illustrated by Kacey Schwartz and ‘The Magic Christmas Key’ illustrated by Kip Richmond.

My Snowman And Me is a small hardbound book boxed in a see-thru panel box accompanied by a plush white snowman with a carrot nose, black top hat and green button eyes.  Three black spots make up the buttons of his midsection and two black shoes poke out from underneath the snowman.  He sits snuggled in a snowflake-decorated cubbyhole. 

Written for young children, the book tells the tale of the snowman that can be anyone a child wants him to be.  Although the snowman melts away as summer approaches he returns to thrill children when the next snow falls.  Bright colorful illustrations decorate each page and large type make the story easy for youngsters to read and understand.

Written for slightly older children The Magic Christmas Tree is a larger hardbound book that is much flatter than the Snowman book.  It too has a see-thru panel that displays a large ornate silver key with a red ribbon.  Santa’s Magic Key is etched into its handle.

Illustrated in a lush realistic style the book’s story centers on young Andy who is given Santa’s Magic Key for safekeeping.  Unfortunately the key gets into mischievous hands and chaos ensues!

Children will get excited by the magic the key manifests and will learn valuable lessons about friendship, good intentions and the holiday spirit.

Both books are beautifully bound and packaged and will make treasured gifts this holiday season.