Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tarzan The Legend Lives

The classic Edgar Rice Burroughs tale of a young boy raised by apes is updated for today's audiences courtesy of Lionsgate.
Young John Greystoke, Jr. is left an orphan when his parents are killed in an helicopter crash in Africa.  In search for a mysterious new energy source the Greystokes never imagined that their search would lead to their tragic deaths.

John is soon adopted by a female gorilla and raised as one of her own. instantly he has an enemy in Tablat, the alpha male Silverback of the gorilla tribe, who considers him and outsider and threat.

As the boy (now named Tarzan) grows into young manhood he encounters Jane Porter, a young conservationist, he yearns for human companionship.  A few years later Jane returns with the unscrupulous entrepreneur William Clayton at her side.

Jane, interested only in conservation, is unaware that Clayton is searching for the rare energy source that Tarzan's parents were looking for.

When Jane realizes Clayton's true objective she finds herself in peril.  Tarzan intervenes to save Jane from both Clayton and Tablat.

Completely reimagined, Tarzan is a spectacular computer generated animated film that's fun for the whole family.

DVD/Digital extras include several featurettes.