Friday, November 21, 2014

MiG and Amoretti

Lovers of the female figure take note.  Comix Buro has just released two Sketchbooks that are sure to satisfy your female fetish.

Amoretti and MiG are masters at drawing the female figure realistically and in cartoon form.
While Amoretti tends to concentrate on fine pencil drawing complete with moody shadows, MiG takes a much more linear approach with bold lines, subtle brush strokes and resplendent colors.

Both artists are adept at other illustrations featuring a wide range of subjects although MiG tends to have a more diverse portfolio.

Regardless of the artist both Sketchbooks pack in lots of 'sketches', color studies, spot and full illustrations and enough eye-candy to satiate the most discerning art lover.

Feast your eyes and enjoy each and every page.