Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The British Spy Manual

Spies and spying-they sound so romantic and adventurous. Exotic lands, international intrigue, beautiful woman, strong virile men, excitement and thrills.  Of course some of those things are true but spying and being a spy can sometimes be tedious, dangerous, more paperwork than field work and ripe with bureaucracy.

Recently discovered, The War Office’s The British Spy Manual: The Authentic Special Operations Executive (SOE) Guide for WWII clues readers in on what it was really like to be a spy during the turbulent years of WWII.

The Volume I & II collection, with an introduction by Sinclair McKay and published by Aurum Press unveils the secrets behind the spying network of the British Empire.

Inside readers will discover the various gadgets and gizmos used ranging from tools of the trade, camouflage, spying devices, explosive devices, radios and how to  use each and in some cases how to construct them.

Full descriptions are given for each that accompanies period black and white photos.

Learn the art of makeup and disguises, how to avoid capture, the use of weapons and much more in this fascinating document compilation that inspired Hollywood’s spy genre, the spy community and the world of espionage.

James Bond would be proud.