Friday, January 23, 2015

Clarence and Steven

The Cartoon Network continues to turn out animated TV shows that kids (and adults) love.  Case in point: Clarence and Steven Universe. 

In Clarence the world is viewed through the eyes of an optimistic, curious and lovable boy who takes on life head on and enjoys every moment and invites his friends to come along.

Experience the joy and excitement of such childhood events as pulling pranks, mud fight,s sleepovers and all of the things young boys and girls enjoy while growing up.  

Clarence can take a mundane event and turn it into a celebration.  Join him in 12 fun-filled episodes with the Clarence Mystery PiƱata DVD collection which also includes the Pilot Episode.

Steven Universe Gem Glow follows the misadventures of Steven Universe the ‘little brother’ to the guardians of humanity: the Crystal Gems.   Young, inexperienced  and (let’s face it) not all that bright, none of which stops him from joining his Gem Glow team and ultimately saving the day.  

The Cartoon Network presents 12 episodes from the series’ first season including the Pilot Episode. 

So, join in the fun, rediscover your childhood and invite the kids to come along.  You may just find that the kid in you and the kids around you have a lot in common.