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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wolfy The Incredible Secret

"Now here's something you don't see every day."

A wolf and a bunny are the best of friends.  Wolfy (the wolf) and Tom (the bunny) are the best of buds.  Raised together, the two are inseparable friends.

One day Wolfy discovers his mother is alive.  For years he thought he was an orphan.  The news prompts him to travel to Wolfenberg in order to find her and discover more about himself.
Tom wants to tag along and the two best buddies make the long trip to Wolfenberg.

Unfortunately for Tom Wolfenberg is inhabited by wolves.  What do wolves like to eat-why animals of course-including rabbits.

Wolfy and Tom arrive right when the Carne Festival is in full swing.  The festival hosts the world's carnivores, including wolves.

What will happen to Tom?  Will Wolfy and Tom's friendship survive?  What secrets does Wolfy discover about his own past and how does Tom fit into them?

Wolfy The Incredible Secret DVD comes from Random Media/Cinedigm.  The traditional cell animation feature length film is a true feast for the eyes and harkens back to the day when all animated films were drawn by hand.

Get ready for adventure and fun as Wolfy and Tom tackle Wolfenberg and discover what true friendship is all about.