Monday, March 16, 2015

The Extreme Magic Opener

OK, OK, I get it.  I can hear it now from fellow collectors, "Why in the world are you reviewing of all things a bottle and can opener?"  "What has it got to do with collecting?"

Well, duh!  As a collector and all around nerd I tend to sequester myself in my own little collector cave and grab food now and again.  Comic books, books, toys, trading cards, video games, games-we're talking major junk food junkie here.  Sodas, canned foods-you get the drift.

And what better way to open these assorted goodies?  The Extreme Magic Opener of course!
Shaped like a yellow soda bottle The Extreme Magic Opener can open just about any food or liquid container.  No really!

Just flip it over and there are a can opener, small, medium and large plastic screw off caps grippers and a metal caped bottle opener.

Extra added goodies include a magnetic back for securing to a refrigerator and with its smooth ergonomic design it takes all the strain and pain out of opening containers.

Use it at home, work or play-it's the perfect opener!