Friday, April 10, 2015

Batman Vs Robin

If you are a big fan of the Batman Comic Books from DC Comics like I am then you're sure to be ecstatic with the release of Warner Bros. full-length, animated feature film: Batman Vs Robin.

The special Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD edition also includes an exclusive Batman figure from Schleich!   

How's that for a killer combination.  Not only do you get to thrill to the non-stop, action-filled animated adventures of the dark knight and his son Damien, you get a cool to boot!

The Batman figure is a direst copy of the New 52 Batman complete with flowing cape and yellow utility belt!

Batman Vs Robin pits the Dynamic Duo against their most dangerous foes-each other!

As Batman trains his son Damian (sire of Talia: the daughter of Ra's al Ghul)  he is impressed by his fighting ability.  However, since he was trained to be an assassin Batman must tempter the young man's over enthusiasm and attempt to curb his bloodlust.

When Batman and Robin investigate a crime scene Robin encounters Talon, a member of the secret organization known only as the Court of Owls.

Talon leads Robin through the underworld of Gotham City and into a hidden realm he never suspected as existing.

Deep into the bowel's of Gotham City Robin must face his deadliest foe: Batman. 

The epic battle is destined to change the lives of both Batman and Robin forever!

Hold onto your cowl as Warner Bros. Animation serves up plenty of kick-behind action, spectacular fights, suspense and thrills with its latest DC Comics animated film.

Extras include featurettes, a commentary, four classic DC Comics animated shorts and a sneak peek at the next exciting DC Comics animated feature.