Friday, May 8, 2015

American Hercules Babe Ruth

Volumes have been written about the man who many believe is the greatest baseball player of all time: Babe Ruth. 

Every facet and period of Babe's life have been combed through with a fine tooth comb-or have they?

Lionsgate presents American Hercules Babe Ruth, the ultimate documentary about Babe's life and career.

Born a rough and tumble poor kid, Babe was in as much trouble as he was out of it when he was young.  Still, he had a heart of gold, a smile as big as New York City and a love for family, friends and especially kids.

A humanitarian, womanizer, boozer and a lover of people-they all describe the Bambino.
It's said Babe always made room for his fans and that he paid special attention to kids and encouraged them whatever their dreams may have been.

In this new documentary filmmakers delve into what made Babe-Babe.  Discover what forces and influences shaped his life and his unique abilities.

The DVD celebrates the Babe's life and career while seeking to understand how and why he became the 'greatest baseball player of all time.'

Thirty minutes of additional archival footage feature his greatest achievements on and off the field.