Friday, June 19, 2015

Jurassic Adventures, Sherlock Homes and Television Legends

I'm a sucker for classic TV shows, Legendary TV performers and movies about dinosaurs.
As it turns out Mill Creek Entertainment has just released three DVD collections that fit all three descriptions.

Jurassic Adventures presents a four movie collection : two based on classic books by Jules Verne and two modern pieces, one original and one a follow up to a Verne classic.

If you like tales of prehistoric times then you've got to check out Adventures In Dinotopia, The Lost World, Return To The Lost World and Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

For a slightly more modern TV series based on another literary classic-this time by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, be sure to look for TV Guide Classics Sherlock Holmes The Complete Series of 39 episodes.

Starring Ronald Howard as the astute Edwardian detective, the TV series was shot in France and includes all of Sherlock's most interesting and dangerous cases.

There are certain TV personalities that define the medium.  Three legendary and trend-setting comedians make up this 17 hour tribute DVD.  They are Mr. Television: Milton Berle, Mr. Late Night: Johnny Carson and Mr. Tightwad: Jack Benny.

For classic comedy without all the filth and obscenities so prevalent with today's comedians, TV Guide Television Legends serves up plenty of chuckles and guffaws.