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Saturday, June 13, 2015

McFarland USA

It's difficult to find inspirational movies nowadays, especially ones that the whole family can watch.

We've become such a self-centered society where the concepts of teamwork, sacrifice and family are slowly disappearing.

But, once in a while a movie comes along that sparks the imaginations and hearts of its audience.  McFarland USA is one such film.

Walt Disney Studios presents McFarland USA, a movie inspired by real events, and starring Kevin Costner in one of he best film roles.

Costner plays coach Jim White who attempts to put together a winning high school Cross-County running team. 

Couple the fact that the school is predominantly Latino and not exactly graded an 'A' school and his attempt proves to be challenging.

At first tensions are high but eventually the team learns to work together, support one another and to everyone's surprise begins to win.

Filled with touching and humorous moments the film stresses the importance of teamwork, friendship and family.

The Blu-ray/Digital HD Combo also includes bonus features such as reflections about the film and actual events from the cast and real participants in the actual event, a music video, a featurette on how the people of McFarland came together and deleted and extended scenes.