Thursday, July 16, 2015

Big Bird, Checks and Princess

Cinedigm has just release three new DVDs that cover three diverse subjects.

Imagine spending the majority of your life wearing a creature costume and contorting in a slightly uncomfortable position as you entertain kids.

That's exactly what Carroll Spinney has done and it's all for the love of kids and people.
In I Am Big bird; The Carroll Spinney Story viewers are witness to over 50 years of dedication of the man who is Big Bird.

Culling from archival films and TV shows this very special DVD follows the long and illustrious career of Spinney from his early days of being bullied child to his current impressive age of 81.

It's a remarkable documentary that follows Spinney from his early days with Jim Henson to his present day stint on Sesame Street where he performs not only Big Bird but Oscar The Grouch as well: two much beloved characters.

For 46 years he's donned the Big Bird costume and delighted several generations of kids.

The American Dream has morphed into the quest for fame and fortune especially among young black celebrities.

Discover how so many of the up and coming famous black rappers, actors and celebrities have obtained notoriety and wealth only to lose it to over indulgence in When The Checks Stop Coming In.

What is it like to have everything one moment and the next only poverty and obscurity?

It makes for a chilling DVD that should serve as a warning to anyone who pursues fame and fortune and disregards the consequences and pitfalls.

Imagination is a wonderful and amazing thing.  Young children possess vivid imaginations.  Young girls often have the most fantasy filled ambitions and dreams.

In The Very Fairy Princess...And More Imaginative Tales, authors Julie Andrews' and Emma Walton Hamilton's four tales of wonder are beautifully translated into animation.

Tales include The Very Fairy Princess where Geraldine knows she is a princess, Extra Yarn where a maniacal yarn transforms a community, The Amazing Bone that talks to a pig and My Garden filled with chocolate flowers and other amazing plants and vegetables.

Each short animated film encourages children to be kind, clever, fair and above all: to let their imaginations soar.