Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mix & Match and Mutations

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles....Heroes On The Half Shell!"
Over 20 years ago my son was absolutely enamored and fascinated with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toys.  He had ALL of the figures (good guys and bad) the Turtle Van, the fortress, vehicles, playsets---you name it, he had it.
What's remarkable to me is that the TMNT have successfully transformed and updated themselves over the years so kids still love them.  Playmate Toys has been with them all the way and made TMNT one of the most successful toy lines ever.
From comics books, books, toys, movies and everything else in between TMNT is a marketing and merchandise phenomenon.
Playmates Toys has just released two new variations of the TMNT with its toy lines.  How do they do it!?
First up is Mutations.  The Leonardo figure, just like the other Turtles, stands approximately  six inches tall.  At first glance the figure looks like any other Leonardo figure: blue knee pads, blue elbow pads, blue scarf/mask over his eyes, brown wrist and waist bands and a large turtle shell on his back.
The figure is completely articulated for action poses, paint application and coloring are crisp and clean and the modeling spot-on, matching the Nickelodeon version of the figure.
Here's where the difference comes in-the figure transforms!  Leonardo transforms into a lovable Pet Turtle.  You read right!.  A few flips, turns, twists, tucks and folds and Leonardo is transformed into an actual four feet on the ground turtle!  Amazing!
A few quick moves and presto!  He's a ninja again!
Included with the figure are his twin sai.  Packaging consists of a clear plastic front on a hanger card with a three-stage transformation photo sequence on the front.
The Mix & Match figures (mine are Shredder and Raphael) come with removable arms, legs and heads along with an additional limb taken from another figure.  Weapons and accessories for the figures are included and like the Mutations figures the sculpting, molding and color application are crisp, clean and fit together nicely with no flashing or binding of parts.

The Mix & Match figures allow kids to take parts from different figures and make their own Mutations.  Talk about a mix up!  Kids will love 'em!