Wednesday, August 12, 2015


One guess as to which is the #1 TV show on Network TV.  If you guessed the original NCIS TV series starring Mark Harmon as Special Agent Jethro Gibbs along with his fellow agents, then you’re right.

For 12 years the show has continued to push the boundaries of a crime/drama series and each year continues to surprise and delight viewers with unexpected and often shocking episodes, especially last and first season episode cliffhangers.

While several cast members have come and gone and key characters have either left or been killed off, the show never misses a beat because the acting and scripts are excellent.

The 12th Season just ended and CBS/Paramount has released a special Blu-ray set containing all the season’s episodes along with a Bonus Disc exclusively at Best Buy.

Join Gibbs and his crew as they battle cyber, homegrown and international terrorists and criminals in a war of wits while mixing in interesting and touching personal moments with the characters.

Serial killers, pirates and the showdown with Gibb’s nemesis: terrorist Sergei are just a few of show’s episodes.

Blu-ray extras include a slew of featurettes, behind-the-scenes, spotlights, interviews and much more.

NCIS’s popularity was bound to spawn offspring-two in fact.

First it was NCIS; Los Angeles starring Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J as a pair of unlikely NCIS agents, who like their city namesake, do things a bit ‘differently’.

Joined by their fellow agents they often cross the line and push boundaries as they defend their country and city from bad guys.

Celebrating its 6th Season, NCIS: Los Angeles takes on an old Cold War enemy to The Department of Justice.

The DVD collection also includes several special features including featurettes on wardrobe, turning back time, commentaries, deleted and extended scenes and so much more.

The newest NCIS show recently completed its 1st Season.  Starring Scott Bakula, Christopher LaSalle, Meredith Brody and Sebastian Lund and CCH Pounder in NCIS: New Orleans.

Travel the French Quarter and other parts of the Cajun capital of New Orleans as team leader Dwayne Cassius ‘King’ Pride leads his agents through the back streets and alleyways of The Big Easy.

If it’s strange, it’s in New Orleans as viewers see everything from vampires to Voodoo.

DVD/Digital Copy extras include a Spooktacular, the Mardi Gras, show highlights, commentaries deleted and extended scenes and a heaping serving of extras as only New Orleans can serve it up.

If you love NCIS in all of its versions then it’s time to discover what Naval Criminal Investigative Services are all about, wherever it my be.