Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Paper Angels

Just in time for Christmas comes a wonderful new faith based DVD from Cinedigm that is both uplifting and inspiring.

When Lynn leaves her abusive husband she takes her two children with her to start a new life.
She gets a job as a waitress in a small town and her children attend the local school.

Her son, Thomas, soon finds himself the target of bullying and goes to a local community center in hopes of getting counseling.

While there he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a local business man, Kevin.  Kevin's marketing business is failing and his wife's pregnancy is having complications.

Through a series of miraculous events the two family's lives become intertwined resulting in unexpected outcomes.

Paper Angels exemplifies the Christmas spirit of good will and fellowship with mankind.  It proves that simple acts of kindness reflect the love of God and that miracles do happen.

This is a 'feel good' movie that the whole family will enjoy and cherish.