Saturday, December 3, 2016

Constantine and SHAZAM!

Although the series lasted only one season on TV the Constantine series still played an important role in the DC TV Universe.  Constantine promises to return in an upcoming movie from Warner Bros.
Based on the Vertigo character from DC Comics the series follows the exploits of John Constantine form Britain.
Having sold his soul to the devil Constantine decides to use his mystical and magical powers to fight the forces of evil-reluctantly.
Filled with dry wit, stunning special effects and sure to shock the Constantine Blu-ray Collection shows a darker side to the DC Universe in which Constantine fights to save the innocent-whatever the cost.
The Blu-ray collection also includes several featurettes that DC fans are sure to enjoy from Warner Bros.
Long before the deluge of DC Comics TV series there was another DC character that starred in his own Saturday morning TV series.
Billy Batson as Captain Marvel (SHAZAM!) fought crime, supernatural forces and terrestrial and alien nemesis.
By simply uttering the word, “SHAZAM!” young Billy is magically transformed into the muscular and very adult SHAZAM, dressed in red and yellow.
‘The Big Red Cheese’ as he is affectionately known, possesses the powers of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles and Mercury.  Along with his mentor sidekick they battle to save the innocent and right wrongs.
All 26 episodes of the series are available on DVD from Warner Bros.