Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mobile Suit Gundam and Sound Of The Sky

We all know the story.

The Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon are waging war in the Universal Century 0079.

Amuro Ray discovers a Mobile Suit (Mecha) Gundam and unwillingly becomes its pilot.

Together with his crew of the White Base he is forced to fight for their lives as the enemy masses an attack to destroy the new weapon he possesses.

Spectacular space and land battles endue, coupled with lots of inner turmoil between crew, factions and others as the heated battle between Earth and Zeon escalate with their fate cradled in the hands of NewType.

This is the Anime that started it all, complete in three movies.  Any Anime fan worth their Mecha knows the story and MUST own this Blu-ray collection compiled by RightStuf!

It’s a classic collection that personifies Japanese Anime that set the standard by which other similar Anime must aspire to.

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The Sound Of The Sky Blu-ray collection contains all 12 episodes of series plus two bonus episodes and much, MUCH more!

The Clocktower Fortress lies on the edge of the world in No Man’s Land.

The Helvetian Army’s newest recruit: Kanata Sorami is the Platoon’s bugle player that is stationed there.

Saved as a child by a gorgeous soldier, Kanata was mesmerized by the sound of her trumpet and dedicated her life to music from that day forward.

While war and conflict rages around her she inspires her fellow soldiers to look for the beauty all about them and to strive for happiness.

Her unwavering optimism urges them on despite the ravages of war they encounter.

Sound Of The Sky is classical example of how Japanese Anime creators infuse much of their work with quiet, poignant moments, paying close attention to life’s small events taking place all about them.

Beautifully animated and directed, Sound Of The Sky is more than an Anime about war.  It is a celebration of life despite the many hurtles that are thrown in the way.