Monday, October 2, 2017

Hive Mind and Spectracube

Busy as a bee!  Rumble with the bumble….bee!

‘Hive Mind’, the game from Calliope Games is the ‘bees’ knees’.  It’s a ‘honey’ of a game.

Played by three to twelve players, ages eight and up, Hive Mind challenges players to take on the rolls of worker bees.

Players must learn to work together to accomplish their goal of winning the game.

No rogue bees in this game!

Players must answer questions in harmony basing their answers on their experiences and opinions. 

The more of the answers jive, the more points the bee teams get. 

Gamers play bee pawns called Beeples.  Those bees that get fewer points get closer to leaving the hive.  If one or more bees leave the hive the remaining bees win and survive the coming winter cold. 

It’s a ‘bee’autiful thing to see as players listen, answer and be like the Queen Bee. 

Game components include 300 question cards, a game board, a Queen Bee token, 12 Bee Pawns, 3 hive gates, 12 pencils, 1 notepad, 1 six-sided dice, a two minute timer and game rules.

It’s a cool game both young and old will love.  Well-designed, expertly executed and just plain fun Hive Mind is a ‘honey’ of a game.

Things are about to get ‘dicey’.

‘Spectracube’ is the kaleidoscopic rolling cube game that offers family fun for ages six to ninety nine from Funnybones Toys.

You get six games for the price of one!

The game box contains a carrying bag, 15 primary color Spectracubes, 15 secondary color Spectracubes, a rules booklet, Spectrum Cards and Game at-a-Glance Cards.

Choose you game:

Spectraculture Shuffle goes for the highest Spectrum straights!

Greedy Grab challenges players’ speed-more cubes and you win!

You Score! The highest score wins-but watch out for quick catch-ups!

Blotch Out! Don’t botch it if you blotch it!

Rummy Roll is all about speed: eyes and rolls!

Spectra-Slam! is easy to win if you get 18 points!  

Two to four players can challenge each other in all six games.  It’s a ‘colorful’ collection of cubes that provides ‘A Spectrum Of Possibilities’.