Thursday, October 12, 2017

House Stark Direwolf

The Game Of Thrones HBO TV series is wildly popular.  Legions of fans are glued to their TV screens when each episode airs.

The fantasy based TV series is resplendent with court intrigue, deceit, manipulations, wars, secret alliances, ghoulies, monsters and of course—dragons!

Carlton Books presents the ‘Game Of Thrones House Stark Direwolf 3D Mask & Wall Mount’ that brings the world of the coming Winter to life.

Designed by Wintercroft, the book contains an easy-to-assemble 3D House Stark Direwolf Mask & Wall Mount.

Beautifully illustrated push-out pieces make assembly quick and easy.

Wear or display it, the choice is yours.

Full instructions are included with the lavishly designed, slipcase book with silver ink trim and type and special backboard wall mount.