Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I’m Trying Too Hard

Recently I’ve caught myself trying much too hard to promote my website, blog and Facebook page.
I’ve sent out huge amounts of emails promoting all three with limited success.

Try as I might I can’t seem to bump over two last obstacles:  increasing my readership and obtaining more review samples.

As far as readership numbers go the numbers are respectable but not as large as I would like.

Several online website traffic calculators indicate a huge readership for my website while others (and I think it’s because I haven’t signed up for their services) show lower numbers.

My blog readership each month wavers between 20,000 to 50,000+.  Not bad, but I wish it was better.

My Facebook page has low numbers but is steadily growing.

Recently  I contacted a toy company about getting review samples from them.

The company PR person said that my Facebook’s low numbers indicated the readership numbers of my blog and website.  The end result was-no samples.

I disagree with that assumption.  Many people visit Facebook pages and neither like or join them.

It’s hard to know who to believe when it comes to readership.

It’s also very frustrating when companies refuse to send review samples even though technically my site qualifies to get samples.

And then it struck me.  I’m trying too hard.  I’m like the mouse trying to go up against an elephant.

It’s time for me to step back and bring in the big guns.

By big guns I mean God.

As a Christian I trusted God to save my soul.

Doesn’t it make perfect sense to trust him with all other aspects of my life?  After all, he is the creator of everything.

So, I’ve decided to turn it all over to him.  From now on he decides what’s going to happen.  Hopefully he’ll step in and let my online efforts succeed.

I know deep in my heart and soul that he can open doors formerly slammed shut, change the  mind of men and pour out blessings if he so chooses to do so.

I am passionate about writing about and reviewing pop culture items.  I’m also determined to evangelize and spread the word of God when and where I can.

There you have it.  My blog, website and Facebook page are now controlled by God.  They are no longer mine, if they ever really were.  I consider myself their steward, not their owner.

Succeed or fail it all depends on God and I stand by his decision because I know if they falter and fail that the Lord always will have something better in store.  Either way-I win.