Monday, October 2, 2017

The Beatles X 2

The Fab Four, The Moptop Quartet and The British Teenyboppers: regardless of how they were referred to The Beatles was the band that completely changed the face of Rock and Roll music in the 1960s.

Individual members of the band would transform and influence music for decades after that.  In fact, the two remaining members still shape modern music.

Liverpool hometown boys Ringo, Paul, John and George started out as a group of youngsters who got together to play their favorite music.

From their humble beginnings the boys behind The Beatles would gain worldwide fame and influence generations to come.

Carlton Books presents a duo of Fab Four books that look at the phenomenon of The Beatles and much of the Pop Culture memorabilia so sought after by Beatles’ fans today.

Author Terry Burrows examines in great detail ‘The Band That Changed The World’ in ‘The Beatles’.

Complementing the detailed text the book includes black and white and full-color photos and document reproductions that chronicle the group’s beginning to the individual member’s work after the breakup of The Beatles.

It’s a visual time capsule of a Pop Culture phenomenon and the decade that changed the world.

Beatles’ fans clamor for anything associated with the group.  Clothing, documents, toys, literature and a plethora of other Beatles associated with or own by properties garner huge amounts of money at auctions, private collections and online.

In ‘Beatles Memorabilia’, The Julian Lennon Collection is showcased.

Gold records, original art and animation art, musical instruments, clothing, song lyrics, personal items and much more make up the collection that includes not only John Lennon items but pieces from all the other members of The Beatles.

Each piece is accompanied by a text piece detailing the importance and relevance of each item. The book is a ‘must-have’ item for any Beatles memorabilia collector.